Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen?
Bowen is a subtle and non-invasive hands-on remedial therapy. The very gentle nature of the technique makes it suitable for all ages from newborn babies to the elderly.
Bowen aims to balance the whole person, and not just treat the symptoms. It is believed that with it’s calming effect on the body and mind via the Autonomic Nervous System, the profound stress release at a deep level encourages the body to re-align, re-set and heal itself quite naturally. Clients report the experience of pain relief, improved function, and energy levels.

Where did it originate?
Tom Bowen developed the technique in Australia in the 1950’s and 60’s.  He started by treating people with work related problems, and sports injuries. He found that using a subtle and gentle approach was often more effective in helping the body to heal than some other therapies available at the time.  He had a very successful practice until he died in the 1980’s. Since arriving to the UK in the early 1990’s Bowen has quickly gained in popularity here and in other countries around the world.
What does it treat?
This remarkable technique has been seen to help many people. Common presentations include back and neck pain, knee problems, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, respiratory problems, migraine, fertility problems, and emotional stress, and many more.  Some people choose to use Bowen every few months for stress management, and to maintain their general health.
What does a treatment involve?
Initial appointments are between 60-75 minutes, with the therapist taking notes about the history of your specific problem and general health, followed by treatment appropriate for you.  Subsequent appointments are 45-60 minutes, depending on every client’s individual needs.
Bowen is not massage, but precise small rolling moves performed with very little pressure over muscles, ligaments fascia and other soft tissues on the body. There are no adjustments of hard tissue, and no force is used. There are important pauses between sets of moves, to allow the body time to respond, and the muscles to relax.
Much of the work can be done through light loose clothing, such as a tracksuit, or
T-shirt and shorts if you would prefer, or directly on skin. Most clients report Bowen treatment to be a very relaxing experience. Often two to three treatments can bring relief, making Bowen cost effective for clients.  For long-term problems it is possible that some further treatment may be required.  It is recommended that other therapies be not mixed with Bowen, as this can affect the healing response.
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