Hypnotherapy, Counselling and NLP

Hypnotherapy (Loran Northey)

Whether you want to remove a simple fear or change your thinking completely, hypnotherapy is the most natural, quickest and easiest way to do it.  By working with your unconscious and conscious minds the results can be absolutely life-changing!

Hypnotherapy is so effective because it works on an unconscious level, which means that changes can be made immediately in your thinking and therefore your behaviour  without any need for practice.  This is why it is has the highest success rates for long-term Stop Smoking, Weight Management and hyper-tension. 

Hypnosis does not require any special skills from the client and it is an entirely natural state, one in fact that we drift in and out of in our everyday lives.  When used in a therapeutic environment by a skilled hypnotherapist, it is delivered in a deliberate way to eradicate fears, remove blocks, encourage mental agility, create positive thinking and to also improve memory, recall, body and mind skills.
  Hypnosis is extremely effective at eradicating fears, anxieties and stress as well as phobias and unwanted habits.  It can be used just as efficiently for creating more confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, self-love and positivity.

There are various hypnosis programmes available including ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ and ‘Phobia Fightback!’  Contact the clinic for further details, prices and availability.  What are you waiting for?

Success Coaching (Loran Northey)

"I work with clients to help them get clarity and stay accountable to their goals and dreams.  Do you have a clear plan that will take you from where you are now to the life you actually want to live?  Do you have support and the right people to guide and mentor you to make that happen?  Do you even know what you want?  If so, have you any idea how to go about getting it?

Success Coaching (sometimes known as Life Coaching) is a proven and specific process that allows you to not only discover what it is that you actually want in life, it also encourages and enables you to develop the necessary thoughts, actions and behaviours to make that more than a dream, to become an actual reality.  Using a tried and tested strategic process alongside cutting-edge mind-skills technologies, Success Coaching helps gets you to get the results YOU want.

You can’t make progress and excuses at the same time, you can have reasons or results – which do you want?  If you haven’t got everything that you want out of life, feel stuck, are stressed out or are just thinking ‘is this it?’ - this is the Programme for you!

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes and home-tasking is involved, including being given additional resources and offered interim email support and backup.  Sessions are bi-weekly and these high intensity programmes are offered over 3 and 6 months for optimal results and benefits.Loran

Please call the clinic for more information on Success Coaching. 

The Therapists
Loran Northey GQHP, GHR Reg. Lic Mstr NLP
Hypnotherapist , NLP Practitioner and Success Coach

A change of direction after years of management roles saw Loran completing training in childcare and further management/coaching. Loran then went overseas and into the Tour operator industry for more than a decade. Her success was heading overseas teams and meeting high expectations, meaning that motivational skills and different techniques had to be used and continually changed with each individual, in order to get others and the teams as a whole, to excel. Being mentor and on-hand coach meant an early interest in the Human mind and its dynamics.

Amateur studies and interests were pursued in NLP, Psychology and Coaching until a return to the UK in 2004, where Loran trained with Valerie Austin, (possibly the world’s best female hypnotherapist and hypnotist) and qualified as an Advanced Structured Hypnotherapist. The love of what this taught her and further curiosity, led to more training the following year with Paul McKenna Training Ltd (trained by the leaders in the field of NLP-Michael Neill, John La Valle, Paul McKenna and Dr. Richard Bandler-NLP Co-Creator) with the Practioners and Master NLP Practitioners training. You can find out more about Loran on her own website www.paramountcoaching.co.uk.

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