Deep Tissue / Sports / Remedial Massage

Sports and remedial massage covers the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments and tendons) using a range of techniques such as deep tissue massage, stretching techniques and rehabilitation exercises. It is tailored to each individual’s needs, whether it is for stress management, pain relief or to positively enhance their ability to perform.

You do not have to be a sports person to reap the benefits of sports and remedial massage. Whether you are suffering from stress, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, postural imbalances, a soft tissue injury or a sports injury that is affecting your performance, massage therapy can help you.

Benefits of sports and remedial massage include:

         Reduce stress and improve sense of wellbeing

         Improve circulation and lymphatic flow

         Prevent injuries and loss of mobility

         Restore mobility to injured muscle tissue

         Shorten recovery time between workouts

         Relieve stiffness, aches and pains and all over fatigue













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