Nutritional Therapy

All too often we accept that our bodies are not running at optimum.  We put constant colds, sore throats or low energy down to the time of year, or aches and pains down to getting older.  We explain digestive complaints or headaches as being down to stress.

Do you find that you struggle to remember things like you used to?

Natural nutrition takes seemingly random symptoms that are presenting and looks at the person holistically to explain why the body is showing signs these of dis-ease.  During a detailed case history taking the nutritionist can show the client how the body has arrived in its current situation, looking at inherited predispositions, childhood illnesses and how toxic load has been built up in the body over the years. Then – the nutritionist is able to peel away the layers that have built up to balance the body, cleansing it and re-nurturing.

This is a therapy that is of benefit to all ages and across a variety of conditions be it stress, low energy, poor concentration or headaches to more detailed labelled illnesses. It is recommended for anyone who just wants to be feeling at optimum health and reach full human potential health wise.

Tracy Breuning BA (Hons) ITEC DNN

Tracy Breuning started the journey with natural nutrition 10 years ago after a stressful corporate job and the birth of her children led to her becoming chronically ill.  Through dietary changes and naturopathic techniques Tracy became well again. She now runs a successful nutrition and reflexology practice as well as finding time to relax with her family on their allotment.  She has a particular interest in Pain management and inflammatory health conditions.
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