McTimoney Chiropractic and Osteopathy

"I can't recommend Fir Tree Clinic highly enough. As a long term sufferer with back pain, I was at the point of thinking I could never get better. How wrong I was. Sue Simpson was both professional and very knowledgeable, and after a few sessions, I have seen significant improvements, and I am delighted."  Dr H, Tadley

"I cannot recommend Sue highly enough.  Some eight years ago, Sue was recommended to me as I had suffered from back, neck and wrist problems for many years. In my opinion, the treatment I received was second to none. Sue immediately put me at ease with her warm, friendly, welcoming and very professional approach. Yes, I had received the usual NHS physio appointments; which were all very good and helped me a lot, but once they were finished, I still required regular maintenance treatments and even the urgent appointment for the occasional trip or mishap and the usual effects of working routines and lifestyles. Thanks to Sue, I am now virtually pain free.  Sue’s treatment has been exceptional, her knowledge vast and her investigations thorough. She is keen to work in liaison with other allied health professionals and I believe she has ensured the best possible outcome for me. She has taught me to understand what affects my body and exercises to counteract problems to the point where I now only require the very occasional maintenance treatment.  Mrs P, Tadley

"I am in my seventies and experience back and neck pain.  The excellent regular treatment I receive from Sue at the Fir Tree Clinic has kept the problem under control and given me a good quality of life." Mr G, Silchester

"Before I was treated by Sue I had been treated by another chiropractor for many years. I was very satisfied with his treatment. Because this chiropractor was away when I needed treatment I went to see Sue who had been recommended to me. When I went to see Sue she took a thorough history and gave me a detailed examination. The treatment she subsequently gave me relieved my symptoms. I switched my care to Sue and I have been with her for approximately six years. I thoroughly recommend Sue and the Fir Tree Clinic."  Mr C, Baughurst

"Having had back problems for the past 20 years, I have seen many osteopaths. A friend recommended Sue and the McTimoney treatment, which is the best ever. Since that time I have never felt the need to look elsewhere." Mrs M, Basingstoke

"Stephen - just a quick line to let you know that my neck isn't hurting any more, and I feel good - thank you for a job well done.MM, Tilehurst

"Stephen - back is much improved; took the dog for his walk and no pain at all.  It was really nice.TC, Basingstoke

"With an injury-prone body, it is a testament to the skills of Sue and her supporting therapists that I can still play competitive cricket well into my 50s". Mr S, Tadley

"Meeting Sue certainly changed my leg muscles for the better - I thought that I would have to live with the pain but the chiropractic treatment, including massage and a few gentle exercises, has brought my legs back to life.  I would certainly recommend Sue's methods to others and remember of you do not try you will never know!" Mrs W, Bramley

"Sue has kept me fit and supple with regular maintenance treatments over the past several years - the best McTimony chiropractic practitioner to treat me. Whats really good is she has built a group of other practitioners to tackle things which do not fit so well with her skills so you can get or keep fit at the clinic!"  Mr B, Hartley Wintney

"Sue certainly has the magic touch - has kept my back in order for a number of years now!" Mrs G, Tadley

"If anyone's looking for a great Chiropractor who doesn't crunch your bones like many of them do, I can strongly recommend the Fir Tree Clinic!"  Mr L, Swindon

"Sue is a very caring and supportive person who makes time for you" Mrs F. Ramsdell

Sports Therapy

"I am so glad I came to see Cat today. I feel better already, both physically and mentally thanks to her. I am looking forward to getting back into squash in the future." Michael, squash player

"I had Kinesio Taping at Fir Tree Clinic with Cat for my tennis elbow. After only a few treatments I was able to play tennis again and as I am a coach it was extremely important that the treatment was not only efficient but worked long term. I am very pleased with this type of treatment and would recommend it highly"
Lauren, tennis coach

"The kinesio taping quickly relieved the pain and swelling and provided me with support that did not hinder my day to day activity" Faye, Physical Education Technician

Sports and Remedial Massage

“Having struggled for some time with back pain, I booked a number of appointments with Amy and the results have been fabulous! The sports massage was highly effective and Amy also took the time to talk to me about back pain, symptoms, triggers etc, and with that she provided me with an exercise plan to focus on continuous improvement. I would certainly recommend Amy.” Kirsty, Berkshire

“I went to see Amy as I was suffering with severe back pain from my shoulder blades to the bottom of my back. She carried out a 10 minute consultation where she asked me to carry out small movements such as bending forward and asked me questions about my daily routine at work and exercises that I had recently taken part in. This then allowed Amy to start the sports massage tackling the areas I had told her about. Throughout the massage she asked me how it felt for me and whether I was in any pain. I would recommend Amy to anyone. She acted with professionalism and provided me with really helpful information that has prevented the same thing to happen to me again.” Claire, Thatcham

Bowen Therapy

 "Having tried various treatments over the years, Bowen has been the one therapy that has really helped me. If I have a pain flare up I find one treatment can often help. It also improves my vitality and sleep pattern. My family have all benefited from the therapy" Mrs A, Tadley

"My regular Bowen sessions have helped me get back in the riding saddle, and kept me more mobile generally. I don’t know how it works but it does for me. Thank you Kim!" Miss LW, Basingstoke

"I have been receiving Bowen for 18 months for anxiety and stress, which were causing me daily problems with tiredness and lack of motivation to do daily tasks. After treatment with my therapist I have been able to resume these, and I feel very much improved." Mrs S, Basingstoke

"I have found the treatment with Kim to be gentle and non-invasive. My condition was causing me stress because it prevented me from walking distances, turning over in bed, and doing housework. I have gradually improved with each visit, and I have now regained full mobility together with my stamina. As a consequence my general and emotional health have benefited." Mrs L , Old Basing

"Following Bowen, I feel much improved and as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Because my neck condition is now chronic, I continue to have treatment with Kim every 3-4 weeks & this has maintained my well-being." Mrs RR, Winchester

"Following a car accident I had many problems, which prevented me from doing my job. It was very stressful for me, and causing me uncomfortable nights sleep. I was referred to Kim for Bowen therapy, and I feel so happy that I can now carry on with my daily tasks, and my career that I love!" Miss C, Yateley

Nutritional Therapy

"When I approached Tracy, I didn’t suffer from any major health issues.  My main reason was just to improve my everyday general state of health.  After a month of seeing her and incorporating her suggestions into my lifestyle (and they were easy to do), I can honestly say I have never felt better.  Tracy showed me that restless sleeping, afternoon energy slumps, poor digestion etc. was not how my body was meant to work, but down to a modern lifestyle that can be overcome by nutrition.  Now I wake up even before my alarm clock, my energy levels are much more consistent and my body is working at optimum levels.

Her experience and knowledge truly shows in how each case is treated with individuality.I would really recommend her expertise to anyone who wants to get the most out of their health."
M“Being a very practical person I find it hard to believe that any alternative approach to life is going to be good for me but after 6 weeks on Tracy’s programme I can honestly say that it is changing my health for the better. 

When I started on Tracy’s programme I was getting terrible migraines and was 5 stone overweight. I have lost 10lbs without being on diet and my hair and skin is fantastic. The greatest change is that I have not had a migraine yet.  All the food supplements are not completely out of budget and they really do make a difference.  Imagine an eating programme that you can stick to no matter what is going on in your life or no matter where you go.  That’s what Tracy has done for me.  No more yoyo diets, sugar issues and bloating! 

Tracy is very thorough and takes a detailed picture of your whole life in order to get a complete picture of you and your issues.  She is very approachable and I would not hesitate to recommend her to all my friends and family. 

Change the way you are and go and take up the challenge with Tracy” 

"I have a son with recently diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome" and we have taken an approach to his treatment that involves both traditional routes that involve psychology and assistance as well as complimentary routes using Tracy's knowledge and expertise in the areas of nutrition and reflexology. Tracy has taken detailed notes of our family history and written a case study that provides us with a written plan of treatment to treat extreme anxiety (a side effect of Asperger's Syndrome). Its early days, but our son takes supplements, has a new dietary regime and does seem a lot calmer. Tracy also really cares about our son and our whole family and that makes us feel really looked after and special"  KM

"Tracy Breuning has been an inspiration to me because of her patience and understanding of mine and other peoples needs.  She takes time to listen and comprehend.  With Tracy's guidance I now understand how my body functions without using conventional medicine." NJ

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