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Although, as a regulated profession, the clinic was able to remain open during lockdown, I decided it would be safer for patients and practitioners if we closed for a few weeks.  This gave me time to ensure that new procedures and protocols could be put in place and purchase the required PPE!

We are now open again for chiropractic/osteopathic treatment.  If you would like an appointment, you will first be taken through a  phone triage with one of the chiropractors.  The chiropractor will then provide advice on things you could do to try to help yourself.  Only if the discomfort is not getting any better, or geting worse, will you be invited in for a face-to-face appointment.  We realise that many of our existing patients may have tried to help themselves already but we need to document this so we can provide clinical justification for a face-to-face appointment.

The online booking system is not being used at the moment as we need to talk to each patient before booking them in.  If you need treatment please contact the clinic to talk to Sue who will then take you through the triage process.

If you are asked to attend the clinic you will be sent a patient information and consent form to read and complete.  Please either email back the completed form or bring it with you.  If you are a new patient, a record card will be completed with you via a phone call rather than in the clinic - this will greatly reduce contact time.  When you arrive at the clinic. please wait in the car park and your practitioner will come out to meet you.  They will take your temperature and ask you a few questions before allowing you to enter the clinic.  Once in the clinic you will be asked to wash your hands and to put on a mask (please feel free to bring your own mask).  Your practitioner will be wearing PPE during the session.  The clinic is thoroughly sanitised between patients but feel free to ask for details of our clieaning processes.

We hope to get back to near normal soon!

Take care

Sue Simpson
The clinic was established in 2004 as a chiropractic and sports injuries clinic with the aim of providing affordable healthcare through the use of recognised complementary therapies practised by qualified and experienced therapists. Since it was established, the clinic has built up a good working relationship with other healthcare providers in the surrounding area, including GPs and consultants, and continues to grow mostly through recommendation from healthcare professionals and patients.

We firmly believe in treating patients as individuals, as problems often manifest themseves in different ways in different people.  We aim for long-term solutions rather than temporary quick fixes so our appointments are a little longer than the norm to allow us to address individual needs.

The clinic offers a range of other supporting therapies, all of which take an holistic approach to patient care. The aim of all treatment is to find and treat the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms, thereby ensuring less chance of reoccurrence. As such, a key part of treatment is patient education and each therapist will work with his/her patients to ensure their speediest recovery and the achievement of optimum health.
If you are not sure which would be the most appropriate therapy for you please either call the clinic and book in with Sue for a 30 minute free assessment or click the BOOK NOW button below and book a free assessment.

The clinic is based in the village of Charter Alley, which is situated between Tadley and Basingstoke. There is plenty of free parking. Look out for the sign hanging over the fence!
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01256 850 873

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Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm
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Fir Tree Farm, Pamber Road
Charter Alley, Tadley, Hampshire
RG26 5PZ

Take care
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Deep Tissue, Sports and
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